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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Glyph Fragment 37: 4r19y0uxb6y

Glyph fragment 37 has been found. The code is 4R19Y0UXB6Y.

Glyph 37

Code: 4r19y0uxb6y

Location: On the door of the Radio Harvest company



Friday, August 11, 2006

Glyph Fragment 35: tribalwars

Glyph fragment 35 is: tribalwars

Glyph 35

Code: tribalwars

Location: On the Jeep website

Description: Alvar Hanso Speaking.

Transcript: "ts, Alvar Hanso..."

Glyph Fragment 34: GMIWRLHHNHM

Glyph fragment 34 is GMIWRLHHNHM

Glyph 34


Location: In the Flash introduction to www.valenzettiequation.com

Description: Alvar Hanso Speaking, with some distortion

Transcript: "...One you have created through science th... [Static]"

Glyph Fragment 33: gllv8b

Glyph fragment 33 is gllv8b.

Glyph 33

Code: gllv8b

Location: A T-Shirt in Oregon.

Description: A box that says "Hanso Foundation" on it. Mittelwerk being filmed from between two boxes.

Transcript: "But I promise you, someone's going to hel... [Could be Hell or help]"

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Glyph Fragment 32: r3pux4

Glyph fragment 32 has been found! The code is: r3pux4

Glyph 32

Code: r3pux4

Location: Anonymous post on Speaker's blog.

Description: Black and white footage of facilities being built. Clip starts with dual DHARMA logos - one for The Pearl and one for The Swan.

Transcript:"...Underground laboratories with the facilities you will need to do your research with optimal expediency..."

Thanks to Damien at planetdamien.com for bringing this one to my attention.

Glyph Fragment 31: 5be

Glyph fragment 31 has been found! The code is: 5be

Glyph 31

Code: 5be

Location: Channel4.com advert

Description: Mr. Beardy talking, with a caption providing DHARMA acronym as "Department of Heuristics And Research on Material Applications.

Transcript: "...and through your research, you will help human.."

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Glyph Fragment 30: e2ll1z5e

Glyph fragment 30 has been found! The code is: e2ll1z5e

Glyph 30

Code: e2ll1z5e

Location: On Rachel Blake's real blog. Linked under 'Sri Lanka'

Description: Mr. Beardy speaking.

Transcript: "...was the Valenzetti equation..."

Glyph Fragment 29: ku12pb5lv7

Glyph fragment 29 has been found! The code is: ku12pb5lv7

Glyph 29

Code: ku12pb5lv7

Location: On Rachel Blake's real blog. Under the image for Glyph 748L. The glyph is hidden with Macromedia Flash.

Description: Mr. Beardy speaking.

Transcript: "...what you may not know is why we have assembled the DHARMA initiative..."

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Glyph Fragment 28: nanite

Glyph fragment 28 has been found. The code is: nanite

Glyph 28

Code: nanite

Location: Found in People Magazine in a Sublymonal.com advertisement.

Description: Mittelwerk speaking.

Transcript: Mittelwerk: "Our operatives at the Vik Institute have verified this figure. It..."

Friday, August 04, 2006

Glyph Fragment 27: 90vdhohu

Glyph fragment 27 has been found and it is: 90vdhohu

Glyph 27

Code: 90vdhohu

Location: Dj Dan's Merchandise Page

Description: Mr Beardy standing in his office talking.

Transcript: Mr Beardy: 'Why we have assembled the greatest minds in the world and given them unlimited funds and access.'

Glyph Fragment 26: e82kni8l

So glyph fragment 26 has been found and it is: e82kni8l

Glyph 26

Code: e82kni8l

Location: A Korean site supposedly mentioned on TLE.

Description: Mr Beardy standing in his office. The word DHARMA appears in large letters then changes to Department of Heuristics And Research on Material Applications aligned vertically down the left-hand-side.

Transcript: Mr Beardy: DHARMA is an acronym for Department of Heuristics And Research on Material Applications.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Located fragments so far and the locations in which they were discovered.

01: 7hkbh -hansoexposed.com
02: rrgyxs - hansoexposed.com instructions
03: 4ho - Speaker's blog wristband
04: 748l - rachel's blog
05: ohge - Speaker's blog wristband
06: fvh7n - Speaker's blog
07: 88ch - Wristband on Ninja's blog
08: 1ey8azczna2 - Wristband on Ninja's blog
09: vdados7yre0 - Wristband on Ninja's blog
10: 3gtvi0m11 - List in Entertainment Weekly
11: ig3x - UK Lost podcast 29
12: xigz2y10s2 - Rachel's travel blog
13: gmx18bcj - DJ Dan's links page
14: 4kvklaydm0 - AXN Asia's Numbers game
15: m6xy398 - Ninja's blog
16: 3zgt - thefuselage.com diary
17: zy6c - Speaker's blog (week 3 roundup)
18: rgmr - Other girl's blog
19: 7ti - US Lost magazine
20: rxmhjh9y - UK Lost magazine
21: vix7zxt97 - Official Lost Podcast
22: 750nzf8x - Other girl's blog (SMS)
23: 89rmcocdc6d - Bad Twin's about page
24: vou8vpnps5x - King's Comics Sydney
25: nz59 - Ninja's secret clue video
26: e82kni8l - Cinema Republic website
27: 90vdhohu - Dj Dan's Merchandise Page
28: nanite - People Magazine
29: ku12pb5lv7 - Rachel's travel blog.
30: e2ll1z5e - Rachel's travel blog

Fragments found: 30/32